CV Joint Article

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CV Joint Article

If you hear a rattling or clicking noise when making a turn under power is usually caused by a worn or defective CV joint. Try this. In a parking lot while stopped, turn the wheel hard to the right and accelerate into the turn and listen for the sound. Do the same in the opposite direction. Then stop, straighten the wheel and once again accelerate. If you hear the noise while turning, it is the outer joint on the side opposite the turn. In other words, if you hear the sound while turning right, it is the left-hand outer CV joint that has gone bad.


If you get sound in both directions it is likely both sides are bad. If you hear the noise accelerating straight ahead, it is one or both of the inner joints.

The absolute BEST solution to this problem is to replace the entire CV shaft with a brand new one from SUBARU, but since they want upwards to \$450 per CV shaft, the next BEST solution is a high quality remanufactured CV shaft, but be cautious here. There are many supposed CV remanufacturers out there that do no more than disassemble all the CVs that came in yesterday, clean and separate the parts into 55gal. barrels. Then when an order comes in for a particular CV shaft, a not a so skilled person grabs the parts needed to make it. He, she or it, assembles the parts, puts new grease in it, paints it, puts on new boots, tosses it in a clean box and stamps it remanufactured. They have done nothing about the worn out parts. Every part that has gone into rebuilding your CV shaft is from another worn out CV shaft that was sent in as a core. Many auto parts stores sell the shit out of these shafts because they are cheap (\$70-\$100 plus your core) and they come with a free replacement warranty. However, none of them come with a labor warranty. Sure, they will give another CV shaft for free, but you will be replacing it every few weeks or months. If you are paying a mechanic to install the CV, you are spending \$65 to \$100 a pop in addition to the cost of the part. This could get very expensive, very fast. If you are doing them yourself, what is your time worth? So, what you need to do is find a reputable remanufacture that actually machines new bearing ruts, installs new cages and ball bearings and uses exceedingly high quality boots and genuine SUBARU CV grease. You can expect to pay \$150 to \$180 for this kind of quality, but you get what you pay for.

Good luck. Let me know how it turns out.

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