Looking for a USED car?

The BEST customer in the world is an EDUCATED customer!

Looking for a USED car?


Show me another dealer that will do this!

We at Nice Car, Inc. understand the daunting task that you as a car shopper face as you serch for that perfect car for yourself, spouse, son or daughter. Most of you are looking for an affordable car that gets good gas mileage and needs as few repairs as feasible for a price that won’t bankrupt your savings account.

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What we do:

First and foremost, Nice Car, Inc is a SUBARU REPAIR business, the best in Colorado I might add. (I didn’t say the BIGGEST. I said the BEST.) With that in mind, let me tell you how we handle the USED CAR portion of our business. I buy fixer-upper SUBARUs. They may need engines, transmission, head gaskets or more. I assign a technician to that car. After an Exhaustive inspection and a 60,000-mile scheduled maintenance package is performed (this alone is worth $870.00 at “the dealer.”) every fault that is found is fixed.

Repairs that are needed are done with new Genuine SUBARU parts and/or repair kits. On every car, we replace all timing belts, oil seals and/or gaskets. This would cost $650.00 to $900.00 at “the dealer.” If the car needs a clutch, we do it. If it needs an engine, we do it. If it needs tires, brakes, CVs, or what ever, we do it. 

2.5L engines*See article on SUBARU 2.5L engines 

If the Subaru has a 2.5L engine, no mater the miles, no mater how well it runs, we go through the engine and install new head gaskets, mill the heads and do a valve job. This, if done at “the dealer” would average $3200.00. 

Documentation and Warranty

All parts and labors are documented and logged onto a repair form for each individual car. Then, when the car is done and ready to sell, everything is totaled up (original cost of the car, plus parts and labors of needed repairs). This total is the price we put on the car.  When the car is sold, all repairs are listed on an invoice and WARRANTED for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Show me another USED CAR dealer that will repair or refurbish a car to the extent that we do, then show me a dealer that offers ANY sort of warranty on cars they sell, let alone a 12/12.

* see The Truth About Used Car Warranties at the end of this article. 


One point bears repeating. Once our SUBARUs are done, we basically sell them for what we have into them.  

What? What’d he say?

Yes, I said, “we sell them for what we have into them.” We do this for several reasons. First, to get new repair customers. We have been doing this since 1987, and it really works. According to our database 97% of the people that have purchased SUBARUs from us, bring it back religiously for all of their maintenance needs. The other 3% we find have moved out of state or somehow totaled their car and no longer have a need for our services. Second, we keep our technicians busy and employed when things get slow. 

Keep this in mind, (we do) if we were to sell anyone a POS, we just lost that customer, but that is not the end of it. They will tell ten of their friends about their crap car, and we lost them too. If on the other hand, we sell them a “Nice Car,” we just acquired a loyal customer who will tell ten others about us. So, it is imperative we sell the best SUBARUs out there.

Ah yes, the price? The price paid for one of our SUBARUs is sometimes greater than the NADA book price, sometimes not, but what is more important here is its value. Keep in mind that PRICE is NOT the DETERMINING factor when calculating VALUE. Obviously, a SUBARU that has a brand-new, out the crate, engine installed will have greater value than one with lots of miles on it. 


Why we are the best

  • We ONLY us genuine Subaru and Toyota parts

  • Our mechanics are all ASE certified

  • We MATCH any competitor’s price!

  • We perform better service at a LOWER PRICE!

  • Save you THOUSANDS over time vs. Dealer prices!

  • Best Subaru and Toyota repairs in Northern Colorado!

  • Fully backed warranties on services provided!

Important Services

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