Subaru History

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Subaru History

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Subaru (In katakana: スバル), a Japanese car company, is a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). General Motors was a 20% minority shareholder of Fuji Heavy from 1999 until 2005 when they sold 8.7% to Toyota and put the rest on the open market.Before that, the stake owned by GM was owned by Nissan, who acquired the stake around the mid-1980s in order to utilize FHI’s bus manufacturing capability. In turn, many Subaru vehicles, even today, use parts from the Nissan manufacturing keiretsu. In fact, it was Subaru that introduced Renault to Nissan when they asked for assistance in all wheel drive (AWD) technology, when FHI told Renault to discuss their plans with Nissan, the discussions eventually led to the successful Renault-Nissan alliance.”Subaru” is the Japanese word for the star cluster Pleiades that is depicted in the company logo. ThePleiades (also known as the Seven Sisters) has seven stars visible to the naked eye. The Subaru logo’s six stars represent the five companies that came together after WW2 to form one large company. While an automotive minnow compared to many of its competitors, Subaru has been a highly profitable company for many years. It is noted for the production of conventional-bodied cars with full-time AWD (in fact, in many markets its entire product range has this feature) and its use of the horizontally-opposed engine.

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