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Nice Car Warranty Information

NiceCar’s Repair and Used Car WARRANTY – covers 100% parts and 100% labor for 15,000-miles or 15-months, whichever comes first. Additional manufacturer’s warranties may ALSO apply. For instance, Subaru’s remanufactured short block comes with a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty.

Unlike other warranties out there, NiceCar’s WARRANTY costs you Nothing, Zero, $0.00, nada, No strings, No gimmicks.

The Truth About After-Market Warranties


After-Market Warranties – Do you need one?


For an EXTRA CHARGE, some AUTO REPAIR SHOPS and CAR DEALERS offer customers an “After-Market” sometimes referred to as a “Detached” or “In-House” warranty. However, the coverage these warranties offer is so limited that they are hardly worth having. Shops that offer such warranties do so for one reason, THE MONEY! You may pay hundreds, or thousands of dollars extra for this type warranty. You’ve seen the ads on TV telling you how expensive auto repairs are and selling you an auto repair insurance policy that sounds like they will take care of everything. Big national companies are offering after-market or detached auto repair warranties to the public. They also aggressively sell them to repair shops and used car dealers, who sell them to their customers and collect healthy commissions. Problem is, if you ever have a problem, these warranties are written such that it is unlikely any repair will be paid for.

Read the disclaimers: (disclaimers – words, statements and paragraphs written by lawyers, to make sure that the repair shop, car lot and/or insurance company NEVER spend a dime on your car.) Disclaimers are often written in translucent, microscopic font covering the entire back of each page, whereas the “implied warranty” on the front page, is as little as one paragraph. Disclaimers always out weight implied warranty.

A Real Example:

In 2016, a customer brought a newer SUBARU into our shop that she had recently purchased from a local dealer/repair shop. The detached warranty they sold her cost $1,200.00

The car was running rough and the Check Engine light was ON. Scanning the ECM, we found a OBDII Trouble Code: P0303 – Cylinder #3 Misfire Detected. Further diagnoses revealed that #3 exhaust valves were both burnt, causing low compression on cylinder 3.

Upon reviewing her warranty we found, lost among dozens more disclaimers, the following:

An engine misfire caused by faulty or fouled ignition components and/or fuel delivery system, defective ECU, low cylinder compression, worn or broken piston or rings, worn or broken valve train components and or adjustment, exhaust and/or vacuum leaks, is considered “normal wear-and-tear” and is therefore not covered under the terms and conditions of this warranty.

I challenge ANYONE, experienced mechanic or not, to show me an engine misfire that is not shot down by this disclaimer. So, did they pay anything to fix her car? What do you think? What astounds me, is that repair shops and car dealers that offer these warranties, want you to pay extra for a worthless document of legalese.

In short, Buyer-beware. Read any warranty thoroughly before you buy. Examine the disclaimers with the skepticism of a physicist viewing the merits of a cold-fusion or perpetual motion. Better yet, seek out businesses that offer a clear, honest, easy to understand warranty, especially those who are confident enough with quality of their product to offer it FREE.



Why we are the best

  • We ONLY us genuine Subaru and Toyota parts

  • Our mechanics are all ASE certified

  • We MATCH any competitor’s price!

  • We perform better service at a LOWER PRICE!

  • Save you THOUSANDS over time vs. Dealer prices!

  • Best Subaru and Toyota repairs in Northern Colorado!

  • Fully backed warranties on services provided!

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